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I will forever have an obsession with Nantucket and the beautiful homes there! This little home is the perfect addition to a gallery wall or any wall for that matter

Nantucket Cottage II

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Coastal Collection


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I grew up surrounded by artists, my grandfather was an illustrator and my mom an interior designer. I lived with a paintbrush or pencil in hand and went through one too many coloring books as a kid. I received my BFA in fashion design and spent my first few years out of school hustling through NYC working as a designer for multiple womenswear brands. A few years later I found myself packing up my things and following my then boyfriend, now husband, to Chicago where I began a short lived career in the tech industry. To make up for the lack of creativity in my day job, I spent my evenings and weekends painting and exploring watercolor and before I knew it, Painted By Pippa, a whimsical art print shop was born.

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